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Perth PC

ClearConX 30dB Adjustable Single High Gain Dual Input Antenna Pre-Amplifier

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Mast Mounted 30DB Adjustable Gain Dual input Antenna Preamplifier. Designed in Canada for harsh climate high gain performance. This high gain preamp amplifies digital and analog over-the-air TV signals (Channels 2-69) as well as FM signal. Its efficient design is suitable for roof and attic installations.

•Channels 2-69 VHF/UHF/FM

•Adjustable separate VHF & UHG gain control. Adjustable gain 20-30db

•LTE Filter Built In

•Easy to mount Outdoor waterproof case

•Receives digital & analog TV signals

•Includes power inserter and cUL approved power supply

•Dual coax antenna input, Single coax output

•Switchable FM trap

•Switchable single or dual antenna input

•ATSC 3.0 compatible

•4"W x 4"H x 1.75"D