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Cougar VORTEX HPB 120 Hydraulic Vortex RGB HPB 120mm Cooling Fan with 5V RGB Connection to Compatible Motherboards

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Tri-Directional-Lighting produces a spectacle in three directions. Outward, inward and forward, where other RGB fans only project light inward and outward Patented frame design shapes airflow into a vortex which dramatically increases the efficiency of cooling your key components Over 100 RGB lighting effects that that allow you to choose the colours, lighting patterns, brightness and speed supporting up to 8 RGB Fans and 4 RGB LED strips, all controlled by remote PMW (Pulse-Width Modulation) is a technology that allows the main board to adjust the fan speed to reach the optimal balance Hydro-Dynamic Bearing (HDB) is a patented Cougar technology that increases the fan's useful life, allows to operate with less noise thanks to improved stability and minimizes heat generation.