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Hercules GS525BP-HA205 5 Piece Guitar Display Rack + 2x Extension Yoke For Rack Pack

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GS525B 5 Piece Guitar Display Rack Multi-Guitar Rack GS525B accommodates five guitars with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber covering all contact points. Expands with HA205 and will accommodate up to 10 guitars. HA205 Extension Yoke For Rack Extension Yoke connects easily and securely to GS523B or GS525B. GS523B holds up to 3 additional yokes (6 total) GS525B holds up to 5 additional yokes (10 total). Lets you add another guitar to your Hercules guitar rack Strong resin yoke holds your guitar’s neck in place for display and storage. Soft foam rubber spacer keeps guitars safely separated from each other.
  • Pack includes 1x GS525B + 2x HA205