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Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica F

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Every now and again, a branded article achieves such a high degree of success and widespread distribution that the brand name becomes synonymous with the generic product. This has certainly been the case with the HOHNER Blues Harp, now well into its fifth decade as HOHNERs most popular diatonic model.

The brand name Blues Harp has attained cult status in the contemporary music scene. The model which bears the name features a functional design

combining a wooden comb, high covers without side vents and high quality reed plates to give the instrument its typical bluesy sound, which has made it immensely popular with beginning and intermediate players alike.


- Doussi wood comb

- Stainless steel covers without side vents

- 20 MS reeds

- 0.9 mm brass reed plates

- Available in all 12 major keys