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Mini HDMI to AV Composite 3RCA CVBS Video Converter Adapter

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• Want to enjoy your videos and/or audios from your HDMI to other formats? This mini white video converter adapter in white color supports conversion of HDMI video and audio signal into AV, 3RCA, or CVBS signal.
• This MINI HDMI to AV converter converts HDMI video and audio signal to AV (CVBS) composite video signal and audio signal while supporting CVBS system signals. It helps to convert the high quality of the HDMI signal into normal CVBS signal
• Simply plug standard composite AV cables into the input port of the converter, and then connect an HDMI cable from the converter to your TV. Enjoy this practical and simple device, which is easily concealable yet capable of delivering high-definition images.
• Both video and audio are integrated into the HDMI output, providing an all-digital, one-cable solution to your HDTV or monitor.

USB power required, USB cable provided