Perfect Vision PV23302 2 Way Splitter

Perfect Vision PV23302 2 Way Splitter

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Perfect Vision PV23302 2 Way Splitter APP 5-2300 MHz All Ports DC Power Passing Low Band RF Shielded 2.5 GHz 75 Ohm F-Type High Frequency Video Coaxial Cable Digital Receiver TV Antenna Signal Combiner

This 2-way, power passing splitter has a high performance printed-board circuitry and a vigorous epoxy sealed back cover. It has DC power passing to all ports, yellow-chromate plating, a zinc alloy cast housing and mounting tabs with screws. 5-2300 MHz 75 ohm High-Frequency F-Splitters. Suitable for Analog and Digital Satellite Applications.


  • 90 dB min RFI Shielding
  • Epoxy-Sealed Back-Cover
  • High-Performance Printed-Board Circuitry
  • Improved Hum Modulation and Inter-modulation
  • Yellow-Chromate Plating
  • Zinc-Alloy Cast Housing
  • 3/8 Precision Machined F-Connector Threads
  • Mounting Tabs with Screws
  • Cast-In Ground Block
  • DC Power Passing to One or All Ports for Remote LNB-Powering Applications and Powering Antenna Pre-Amplifier from Headend
  • F-ports accommodate security tools
  • DC Power Passing to All Ports
  • DC Power Forward Bias
  • Insertion Loss: 4.6 dB max.
  • Port-Port Isolation: 15 dB min.
  • Input Return Loss: 30 dB min.