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Yorkville PC-15DLX Guitar Cable 15ft

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Yorkville DLX Series deluxe audio cables are designed to deliver outstanding reliability, improved frequency response and good signal transparency. High quality Amphenol connectors with the patented 'Jaws' internal strain relief system ensure the Yorkville DLX Series cable connectors will not fail in highly energetic live settings. The cable itself uses a 20-gauge 41-strand annealed copper center conductor and braided copper shield that delivers highly effective EMI and RFI rejection. A rugged ultra-flexible PVC cable outer jacket delivers outstanding long-term durability.
    • Amphenol nickel plated 1/4-inch connectors for effective signal transfer
    • Patented Jaws Strain Relief protects solder connections
    • 20-gauge 41-strand annealed copper center conductor
    • Polyethylene insulation
    • Composite conductive vinyl and copper braid inner shield
    • Tightly woven bare annealed copper braid outer shield provides 90% coverage
    • Rugged matte PVC outer covering
  • Made in North America (using raw cable manufactured in USA, Amphenol connectors made in Australia